Teaching life that will teach worlds
Scholas senses that this is what educating is about.
An education that opens us to the unknown, which takes us to that place where the waters have not yet divided, and from there to dream new paths
Pope Francis

Cultures have always been the attempt to shape experiences, betting on a set of values that are shared and some institutions that protect and transmit them to the community. A way of standing before reality, a way of being –with others– in the world.

Scholas was born from listening, the call of a time in crisis, of a culture that seems to have ended, which no longer contains those values; so the structures have remained, but not the transmission, and another call that has not yet arrived; and in its wandering around the world it discovered that the deepest, most educational side of its experiences resided in this same listening. The great pain, the great absence, the great desire of these times: without listening there is no encounter, and without encounter there is no sense, without sense violence is generated.

Scholas opened the University of Meaning to the world, educating in the ultimate responsibility of every human being: to listen to what surrounds us -to listen to the other, to the earth, to life- to give each moment an original response, that of a new story, that of a new culture. Educating in the possibility of immersing yourself in something new to fulfill the call of life: the unfolding of its mystery that offers us sense. A sense that makes each one unique and, therefore, embodies beauty in each person.

The University of Meaning will not be the place of transmission of what has already been said, but the place where the words remain silent and again call us to listen. It will not be a place of «useful learning», but of «beautiful teaching». Nor will it be the place of competitions, but rather of encounter. The University of Meaning does not dream the education of the future, but the education of the origin.

opening to the Call
Listening to the call of life. Listening, as a possibility of opening to the gift of what is simply given. Instead of perceiving reality governed by our interests, listening loosens the bonds of one's own will and opens itself to let the world come to it, to show itself, and therefore its Beauty happens, generating the possibility to find the uniqueness of each and everything.
meaning of Sense
If listening is to the life that calls, creating is the answer. It is the attempt to catch the unattainable -the chaos of difference, shock, passion: what happens to us, what goes through us- and express it; give order to chaos, give direction to drift, create as meaning of sense.
Sense manifests itself. Life transcends us and for this, the only possible response to experiencing its gift is gratitude. Being grateful, which will always be for and despite everything. The party of being alive.
Pedagogical criteria
Well Pedagogy...
“A well in the park. In some park on this earth, Of dry land, that is.
Amazement and knowledge
“Gray, dear friend, is all theory –said Goethe's Faust– But green is the tree of life.”
Beauty is appreciated
There is a language, a word that comes close to reality when it sprouts And it comes close not to enclose it, but to wrap it.
Be part

In the midst of this pandemic, like so many others and in so many places in the world, Scholas used the virtual world to continue listening, to continue teaching, to continue gathering young people, adults and the elderly from all over the world and linger on questions that remained unanswered, the only ones capable of taking us on new paths.

Deepening this intuition, the University of Sense will soon open its classes, sensitive to encounters with otherness, it opens its doors to the community -young people, adults and the elderly of all ethnicities, creeds and social classes- through virtual encounters cultivating and exercising listening, creation and celebration, focusing on life.

The encounters seek to set the scene for the education to happen. Be part of the University of Sense, reserve your seat so that we can send you more information and the invitation to start classes.