Scholas is a call to create the Culture of Encounter. Founded by Papa Francisco with the with the goal of reassembling what has been broken: technique and passion, reason and feeling, life and education.



Seeks to generate a paradigm shift in education through the integration of communities education with focus on those with fewer resources through the commitment of all. Relying on the technology to design the global classroom, take through art a poetic sense of living and sport showing playing for playing, recovering thus, the educational pact to make an integrated and peaceful society a reality.




Because an education does not generate sense, it creates violence.

OPENNESS An education that opens up to differences, gets passionate about life and the others.

DIGNITY Only when one ceases using the other, their dignity is recognized. That is what makes the other human, what makes them unique.

CELEBRATION When everyone dares to be unique the sense of gratitude is made flesh, encounter becomes celebration.