Values ​​and football: Gianluca Zambrotta and Paulo Sousa in a match where all were winners

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A friendly match took place on Thursday January 28 between Italy and Portugal, with the attendance of more than 300 spectators; the stadium: the Zoom platform; the stars: Gianluca Zambrotta and Paulo Sousa. The winner: everyone.

Unlike other matches, there were no goals or penalties, but there were many ideas, passion and love for football; We talked about the meeting «Is everything worth winning?», a space for dialogue organized by the Scholas Occurrentes foundation, in partnership with the municipality of Cascais (Portugal), and with the support of Remarkable Communication & Image Management, the Italian Institute of Culture Lisbon, and the Youth and School Sector of the Italian Football Federation.

Is it worth everything to win? How to transmit the values ​​of sport in today’s football? These and other questions were asked in this virtual meeting, in which there was also an opportunity to exchange ideas, dreams and passions.

The more than 300 attendees, including sports trainers, coaches, athletes, young people, sports academics, as well as football fans, did not want to miss any detail of each «play» of the guests.

The field was opened by Enrique Palmeyro, world director of Scholas, who had words of gratitude for “these two wise men of sport”, in reference to Zambrotta and Sousa, for “their experiences on how to create the culture of the encounter in the world of soccer and of the competition ”.

“We live in a world where we have the natural resources so that we can all have what we need to live. However, this does not happen, and the current pandemic makes it very clear … Can you compete and cooperate at the same time? The Pope in (the encyclical) ‘Fratelli Tutti’ calls us to the culture of encounter. We have to create something new, a culture of encounter from sport, which is a school of life, «he said.

«Losing serves to accept your own limitations and overcome»: Zambrotta

“The coaches must make the players grow”, pointed out Zambrotta “I believe that both in the amateur field and in the professional field the rules should be the base, the foundation. The values ​​of effort, respect, discipline, sacrifice, a healthy spirit of competition, must be at the base of all sports ”.

On the competitive spirit, the former Italian champion said: “Clearly in professional football for many, victory is more important; in a competition we all want to win, but sometimes losing serves to accept our own limitations and overcome ourselves, both in amateur sports, in professional sports, and in life ”, he concluded.

«We need to enlighten others in a collective path, respecting choice and difference»: Sousa

Paulo Sousa, who has just been confirmed as the new manager of the Polish national team, also shared his experiences with the attendees, many of them sports coaches and trainers. «When I am in the role of coach, I think about educating, ‘creating’ a player, stimulating a more intelligent player at a tactical level,» he stressed.

“When we talk at a tactical level,” he continued, “we talk about helping the player to think, not by giving him answers, but by guiding him to discover his own answer. We need deep work, be very creative, because within a team there are different cultures; we need to enlighten others on a collective path, respecting choice and difference. As club coaches we have the possibility to do it every day ”, he recalled.

Vito Di Gioia, secretary of the Youth and School Sector of the Italian Football Federation, also contributed to the dialogue: “Many ask us when they see Scholas and the FIGC, one of the most important federations in the world: ‘Why are they here? What unites them? ‘ Values ​​unite us because we think that football is an incredible tool to spread values, because we are convinced that sporting values ​​can also be technical values, ”he explained.

The meeting was also attended by Frederico Nunes, counselor of the Cascais City Council, for the area of ​​Sports, Employment and Youth, and Hugo Leal, director of the football department of the Estoril Praia Sports Group .

Mario del Verme, coordinator of Scholas Sport Italia, and Edgardo Zanolli, coordinator of the Milan Soccer school project participated as moderators.

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