Scholas, building hope in Portugal and the whole world

The Christian Association of Entrepreneurs and Executives -ACEGE, from Portugal, invited Scholas to participate in the past encounter of the Cycle of Conferences "Construir a Esperança" ("Building Hope", in Portuguese, that took place on March 18....

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Impact of Scholas experiences on young people mental health, at International Conference

Scholas participated in the International Conference "Analysis of compliance with point 4 of the objectives for Sustainable Development: a Quality Education"....

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Scholas se une a la Articulación Brasileña del Pacto Educativo Global

(Español) El viernes 26 de febrero de 2021, el Centro Regional Scholas Occurrentes SNSPA, a través del programa internacional Universidad del Sentido y en colaboración con la red internacional de Cátedras Scholas, organizó el webinar “Educación y Desarrollo en Tiempos (post) pandémicos”....

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About the challenges and effects of the pandemic on education

On Friday, February 26, 2021, the Regional Center Scholas Occurrentes SNSPA, through the international program University of Meaning and in collaboration with the international network of Scholas Chairs, organized the webinar “Education and Development in (post) pandemic Times”....

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Scholas successfully completes the seminar “A touch to the sense, let’s listen to the heart”

Successfully culminates the seminar "A touch to the meaning, let's listen to the heart" directed to approximately 100 Panamanian education professionals, among whom were teachers, counselors, psychopedagogical cabinets and SAE groups, dictated by Scholas with the support of the National Directorate of Orientation of the Ministry of Education of Panama,…...

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Catholic Colombian educators say “Yes” to the Global Compact on Education

With the participation of nearly 300 teachers and rectors from Colombia and guests from Chile, Italy, Mexico and Peru, and an inaugural presentation by Scholas, the first session of the 5th Meeting of Educational Pastoral, of the National Catholic Confederation of Education, CONACED, was held with the support of the…...

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Pope Francis recognizes the initiative of young people during the COVID-19 Pandemic

→ Veja post em portugues “I want to thank young people of Scholas for opening a space amid the confinement and death that this pandemic left us, a space for the encounter of life” Pope Francis During the meeting, The Pope seized the opportunity to explore the actions that Scholas…...

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Letter of intent I Cyber Meeting of University Students SCHOLAR CHAIRS & Intereurisland

 As one of the results of the First International Cyber-Meeting of University Students – Scholas Chairs & INTEREURISLAND held on November 17, 2020, a letter of intent has just been published that gives an account of the purposes of this global initiative, and which we reproduce below: “As a…...

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