Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders raised a prayer for the health of Pope Francis

From Madrid, at the San Pablo CEU University, where the  6th International Congress of Scholas Chairs and the International Meeting of Scholas Chairs Students began on Monday 5th July, a hundred academics and thirty young students, from various religious confessions, raised a chain of prayer for the health of Pope…...

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(Español) Encuentro Internacional de Estudiantes de Scholas Cátedras

(Español) Como actividad paralela al VI Congreso Internacional de Scholas Cátedras, 20 estudiantes universitarios (10 de universidades de Italia e Israel y 10 de universidades de Madrid) se reunirán de manera presencial para debatir y compartir con los adultos sus vivencias y experiencias....

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Scholas Declares Focus on Finding together Solutions to Water Challenges

The statement by Scholas Occurrentes' president, José María del Corral, was made during an international meeting of Israeli companies with universities and government officials in Latin America and the Caribbean about the future of water challenges in the region....

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