Young people from all over Spain tell what they learned during the pandemic

2020 closes in Spain with the educational program: “The pandemic teaches us …” carried out by the Pontificia Scholas Occurrentes in Spain in conjunction with the Madrid Ministry of Education and the support of Banco Santander It was not just any zoom; Although accustomed to taking online classes due to…...

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“The pandemic according to young people” ECCA and Scholas

On November 30, and on December 2 and 4, the cycle of virtual meetings “The pandemic according to young people” was held, with the participation of about 150 young people, between 16 and 25 years old, from Scholas Occurrentes and of the ECCA Radio community. This cycle was a meeting…...

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Spanish youth united during the pandemic

El primer Ciberencuentro Español de Jóvenes Scholas reunió a 60 adolescentes de seis comunidades autónomas, que se dieron cita para compartir sus experiencias en el contexto de la cuarentena por el COVID-19. Este encuentro virtual se suma a los ya realizados en Argentina, Colombia y México, así como a los…...

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Young people from Granada: Art and part of the solution

  At the auditorium of the Center for Higher Studies, CES, The Immaculate, “there was no room for a soul” on the morning of this Friday; or rather the opposite: it was a communion of souls in which there was room for everyone; Hundreds of students, teachers and managers from…...

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Scholas Granada: Young people continue to demand changes in the education system

Absence of an education that generates sense, a curriculum away from the reality of young people, lack of professional guidance and even apathy of teachers, are just some of the diagnoses that 200 ESO students from 15 schools in Granada, made that about current educational system made on Thursday, January…...

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Coding for Peace, in Argentina, Spain and Italy

Durante todo el mes de noviembre, cerca de un centenar de jóvenes de Madrid, Buenos Aires y Roma vivieron la primera experiencia internacional del proyecto educativo Programando por la Paz, de la Fundación Scholas Occurrentes y Code.org.     En España esta experiencia contó con el apoyo local de Caixa…...

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Arranca “Programando por la Paz” en Madrid

Desde el pasado sábado 26 de octubre y durante todo el mes de noviembre, 20 jóvenes de Madrid viven la primera experiencia en España del proyecto educativo Programando por la Paz, de la Fundación Scholas Occurrentes y Code.org, con el apoyo de “la Caixa” y el centro de formación KeepCoding.…...

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