Vatican City

Scholas arrives in Australia

Oceania was the continent that still missed to be reached; with the official arrival of Scholas in Australia, specifically in Sydney, one of the dreams pursued by the Scholas community and by Pope Francis himself has been fulfilled....

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Pope Francis has shared the results of Scholas education programmes with specialists, teachers and students from the five continents

Teachers from seven regions of Italy have presented Pope Francis with the results obtained from the programmes developed during this last year of the pandemic, through which they provided fundamental support to their educational communities. As a result of this work, the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, and the Minister…...

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Pope Francis at the Scholas offices in Trastevere to celebrate the new Scholas openings on five continents

On Thursday 20 May, at 16.00h, the Holy Father will visit the Vatican offices of Scholas Occurrentes at Palazzo San Calisto in Trastevere. Here he will meet young people from different regions of Italy who took part in the first part of the programme, supported by the Italian Ministry of…...

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Scholas inaugurates the School of Sports for Peace in Iraq

(Español) Como en anteriores visitas, cuando el Papa imaginó este tan esperado viaje a Irak, Scholas quiso acompañar este sueño. Por ello un equipo de Scholas llegó al país antes de que lo hiciera el Papa hoy, para realizar distintos programas con jóvenes iraquíes y poder vivir la cultura del…...

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Pope Francis recognizes the initiative of young people during the COVID-19 Pandemic

→ Veja post em portugues “I want to thank young people of Scholas for opening a space amid the confinement and death that this pandemic left us, a space for the encounter of life” Pope Francis During the meeting, The Pope seized the opportunity to explore the actions that Scholas…...

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Primera dama de Argentina visita sedes de Scholas en Argentina y el Vaticano

Tras su primer encuentro con el Papa Francisco, durante la inauguración de la nueva sede de Scholas en Italia y el Vaticano, el 13 de diciembre, la primera dama de Argentina, Fabiola Yáñez, ha visitado las sedes de la fundación en Argentina, el 15 de enero, y de Italia y…...

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