Reaction of the young people from Mar del Plata to a month of the “School of Sea and Beach”

On January 19, the bishop of the Diocese of Mar del Plata, Gabriel Mestre and the world director of Scholas, José María del Corral, announced that in Mar del Plata classes would begin on February 1 with a School of life, an experience based on surfing and art, following the…...

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A month after the start of classes at the Sea and Beach School, young people share their experiences with us

As announced on January 19 by the bishop of the Diocese of Mar del Plata, Gabriel Mestre and the world director of Scholas, José María del Corral, in Mar del Plata the classes began on the 1st February with an experience of School of life based on surfing and art,…...

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Cordoba, Educational Capital for the Culture of the Encounter

In response to Pope Francis’ call to “create a culture of encounter that brings together young people in an education that generates meaning”, the National University of Córdoba, the City of Córdoba and the Córdoba Joven Agency of the Government of the Province, join Scholas in their commitment to work…...

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Mar del Plata starts its classes on the beach

  The Bishopric of Mar del Plata, Scholas Occurrentes, universities and colleges agree on an educational program based on surfing   January 20, 2021- The Bishopric of Mar del Plata and its University (University School of Theology); the FASTA University and the Atlántida Argentina University joined with the signing of…...

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Three olive trees were planted in the middle of a world congress

Congreso internacional de jóvenes sobre la pospandemia y el cuidado de la Casa Común reunió a los máximos especialistas junto a líderes sociales, políticos y religiosos Desde su país, pero unidos por un mismo mensaje, Fabiola Yáñez y Martine Moïse, primeras damas de Argentina y Haití, respectivamente, y Augusto Zampini,…...

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Scholas starts a new project for young people in the Impenetrable together with the province of Chaco and the Boca Juniors club

23 December, 2020– On October 15, Pope Francis made an urgent call for the realization of a great “global educational pact” which he urged teachers, politicians, artists, athletes and all social actors in general to join, with whom Scholas shares his mission and is committed. In this context, Scholas, the…...

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Results! Scholas Soccer and Mathematics Tournament Argentina 2020

We congratulate all the young people who participated in the Scholas Argentina Soccer and Mathematics Tournament 2020. The challenge was accepted by 1674 boys and girls who answered 11 questions of football ingenuity, in which they combined logic, calculation, knowledge of the game and its history, and with which they…...

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(Español) Tercera jornada virtual de educadores del deporte – Scholas Argentina

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish....

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