«Thank you for encouraging us to share the most precious knowledge in the world: about life … It will teach us a new world»

Pope Francis

The origin and the institution

Since its inception, Pope Francis dreamed of Scholas as the possibility of giving a concrete response to the call of this era, conferring on him the task of educating in the openness to the other, upon hearing that gathering the pieces of an atomized and empty of meaning world, and start creating a new culture: the Culture of Encounter.

Today, more than twenty years after his first experience in Argentina, dreamed up by the then archbishop Jorge Bergoglio -today Pope Francis- Scholas is constituted as an International Organization of Pontifical Law, with offices in Argentina, Vatican City, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Haiti, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Romania and the United States; present with its network in 190 countries, integrating more than 400 thousand educational centers and reaching more than one million children and young people around the world. Its mission is to answer the call to create a culture of encounter and bring young people together in an education that generates meaning.

«We are all that what happens to us»

We are an institution and we are the story, the story of our own walk. We are what we tell ourselves and tell us about ourselves … an institution open to the encounter that re-creates us. As a work of art, guarding the differences, we hear what is unique about Scholas.

The «What ‘s up» (What happens to you?), born in the first educational experience of Scholas, is a call to catch the meaning that is created in the encounter, to reveal who I am, and celebrate it. The young people of the world, with their “What’s up” tell us what happens to them when they live our educational experiences, allowing Scholas not to end up in the institution, but always to remain open, to always continue re-creating.

What’s up?

Young people and collaborators of the world catch the meaning that is created in Scholas