Scholas and the Italian National Olympic Committee launch the new SYNERGO project

A renewed synergy between the Foundation of Pope Francis and the National Athletes Commission of CONI aims to create initiatives of an ethical nature and educational paths that will combine Sport, Art and Technology.

Rome, July 14th-. Scholas and CONI, in the presence of President Malagò, signed an agreement on Wednesday afternoon, recognizing together the irreplaceable role and value of sport in the education of young people.

On July 14th, in the presence of President Malagò, the ethical project SYNERGO was created: a synergy between Scholas Occurrentes and the National Athletes Commission of CONI, whose aim is to create ethical initiatives and training courses that will combine Sport, Art and Technology.

Present at the signing of the agreement were CONI’s Giovanni Malagó, Raffaella Masciadri Ps National Athletes Commission, Carlo Molfetta Vice President Athletes Commission, Elena Pantaleo Athletes Commission Executive, Maria Paz Jurado Head of International Projects Area Scholas Occurrentes, Mario Delverme Head of Sports Activities Scholas Italy.

The idea is to implement a mutual interest in starting a collaboration that is aimed at the realization of processes of awareness and information of athletes on the issues of prevention and combat youth discomfort through activities jointly identified and promote the experiences of sports life of athletes of national importance, so that they can be role models for young people.

The project, aimed at schools, associations, federations and sports clubs, is inspired by the universal key concepts of Pope Francis that in this integrated perspective represent the outline of the path to be taken together through sport, to be interpreted as an educational mission.

Pope Francis states that «Sport is important because it teaches how to play as a team. Sport saves from selfishness. That is why it is important to work as a team, to study as a team, to travel the road of life as a team. And when you play as a team, everyone becomes greater as a person. And when the team plays the competition, instead of being a war, becomes a seed of peace.»

Scholas seeks to restore to sport the playful and creative dimensions that, in the encounter with others, constitute a community, an educational path that is a school of life. The Scholas experiences seek, through various disciplines and sports techniques, to generate spaces for knowledge and training in values such as resilience, teamwork, respect, honesty, honesty, respect, honesty, effort and a spirit of solidarity.

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