Scholas and Boca launch Pelota de Trapo project

Jorge Amor Ameal, president of Club Atlético Boca Juniors of Argentina, and José María del Corral, world director of Scholas, inaugurated the educational program «Pelota de Trapo, origen y encuentro en el deporte» (Rag Ball, origin and encounter in sports).

Jorge Amor Ameal and José María del Corral joined the meeting with young people from different provinces of Argentina and from countries such as Paraguay, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Mozambique, Italy and Spain, during a day with young people from the Bombonera and via videoconference. In the communication, they welcomed the participants and reflected on the value of sports at an educational level and the challenge of recovering the «Pelota de Trapo» culture, which has to do with recovering the values of encounter, celebration, gratuity and play for play’s sake.

For one month Boca and Scholas invite boys and girls who are passionate about sports to participate in this program where they can share their experiences along with the stories of the club’s athletes.

José María del Corral and Jorge Amor Ameal with the Pelota de Trapo.

This proposal was generated from an agreement signed between Jorge Amor Ameal and José María del Corral articulated through the Amateur Sports Department of Club Atlético Boca Juniors in the framework of the Pelota de Trapo proposal launched by Pope Francis through Scholas in his apostolic trip to Mozambique in September 2019.

José María del Corral emphasized: «Today we live the concrete experience of not staying in theory but going out on the field as a single team. That is why in this same place nine months ago we undertook the commitment to respond to the problem of consumption that the educational communities of the Impenetrable raised with us and thanks to the fact that the Universities, the Governor, the municipalities, SEDRONAR and local organizations joined this initiative, today the Sports and Cultural Center and the house for young people with consumption problems who are participating in this meeting are a reality».

Jorge Amor Ameal expressed: «What you are doing today in the Impenetrable is more than important because you are doing good for the country and for the whole society […] From Boca we are going to do everything we can to help you». Then he added: «All sports institutions in the country should be supporting this issue. We must not only say ‘drugs are killing young people’, we must do something. What are we sports leaders doing if we don’t see how we can help to put an end to this scourge? We have to understand what Pelota de Trapo is, we have to understand Francisco, understand where he is going. He marked a path for us and we have to try to follow it, continue it and improve it. Let’s hope that several sports leaders listen to this […] This commitment has to be from everyone».

Javier, a Scholas teacher who moved from Buenos Aires to live in the Impenetrable said: «this house is a dream, a reality, we are in the day to day sharing with the children the effort to live better. Francisco is already working miracles and this is something very concrete».

Dialogue with young people of the Impenetrable.

The registration to the «Boca en Boca» cycle is open and free for all boys and girls between 15 and 18 years old

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