Scholas starts a new project for young people in the Impenetrable together with the province of Chaco and the Boca Juniors club

José María del Corral, world director of Scholas, Jorge Amor Ameal, president of Boca Juniors and Jorge Capitanich, governor of Chaco.

23 December, 2020On October 15, Pope Francis made an urgent call for the realization of a great “global educational pact” which he urged teachers, politicians, artists, athletes and all social actors in general to join, with whom Scholas shares his mission and is committed.

In this context, Scholas, the province of Chaco and Boca Juniors thought of a common project in the impenetrable Chaco that they embodied on December 21 with the signing of an agreement.

Scholas will develop its educational programs, install a center for addiction recovery and a space for student sports in the town of Miraflores. As part of the agreement, the Province, through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, will have a space for the development of activities. The Boca Juniors Athletic Club will collaborate from the articulation with other public and private organizations, clubs; and the presence of professional athletes in activities with young people.

The governor of Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, stressed that “girls, boys, adolescents and young people will be benefited, not only by this brilliant idea of ​​Pope Francis, but also by the cooperation of the Boca Juniors Athletic Club. We want to be deeply grateful to be part of this project, which will surely be strengthened over time ”.

For his part, the president of Boca Juniors, Jorge Amor Ameal added: “We are going to try to help get the kids off the street, have a different activity. Scholas’s work with Boca and the Pope came to stay, this has to be permanent […] There is a higher issue here: young people, boys, girls, which is what we all have to think about. We are very happy that this has been signed in our house ”.

Jose Maria del Corral, world director of Scholas Occurrentes said: “I am grateful because the Pope calls us to a new global educational pact because he says that the world we have is not by chance but that we have culturally abandoned it. He adds that we cannot keep trying to save alone but together. I think it is good that this ´saving us together` starts from his own country. It is the best news we can give you because this is not a photo, it is something concrete. At this moment, the young Scholas trainers in Chaco are with the Minister of Education, visiting the places where this project begins and they are going to live there. We want to emphasize that Boca also joins and plays as a team to rebuild our country culturally. »

Scholas’s team is already working on the Impenetrable Chaco. The next steps will be a little school of sports, art and technology for the adolescents themselves to collaborate as volunteers with the little ones, then the opening of the house for young people with addiction problems and the inauguration of the community educational center where trades, workshops will be offered of art and expression to work on soft skills and recover the work culture.

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