Zona Luce was also launched in Rome

On 8 March, the project for young prisoners was launched in Rome, at the Casal del Marmo facilities

After the positive experience of Nisida, Zona Luce, the project developed by the FIGC, the Youth and School Sector and the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation as part of the sharing of activities aimed at integration and rehabilitation for those categories in of discomfort or marginalization, also began in Rome.

At the Casal del Marmo juvenile prison, the first technical intervention took place for the prison police operators and the inmates present in the Roman structure, who in the next two months will be engaged in the activity under the guidance of a FIGC, Youth and School Sector and Scholas technical staff.

The project, which is part of the Italian Federation’s Social Football Network macro area,for the promotion and implementation of activities in the sports field with the aim of protecting and strengthening the educational, moral and cultural value of football, it will be articulated through 10 training interventions that will have the playing field and the ball as an exceptional educational medium.

In order to pursue the set objectives, each session will be developed around themes such as: inclusion, courage, commitment, sharing, loyalty, respect, imagination, humility, identity, sacrifice.humility, identity, sacrifice.humility, identity, and sacrifice, among others.

At the same time as the sporting activity, the impact of the entire project is going to be monitored, within the prison facilities and possibly at the local sports clubs in collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

Further information on the project is available on the portal dedicated to the social activities of the FIGC: and

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