First Lady of Paraguay participated in the third session of the World Youth Cyber ​​Meeting

First Lady of Paraguay Silvana López Moreira from the Subsistence of the Army, in Asunción (Photo: Office of the First Lady of Paraguay)

Scholas Occurrentes, the international organization of pontifical law, successfully carried out the third session of the World Youth Cyber ​​Meeting on the Coronavirus to face together this global challenge, in which more than 120 students from all over the globe and the First Lady of Paraguay Silvana López Moreira participated.

Through technology, young people of different nationalities and different faiths were able to live out the reality that their peers live in other latitudes and share their feelings, not without fear and confusion, but forceful in their call for empathy and solidarity ; all in a unique social context: millions of people confined to their homes due to coronavirus disease.

On this occasion, the meeting had a special guest, the First from Paraguay Silvana López Moreira, who, like all the boys, is convinced that the culture of the meeting is more necessary than ever.

«I hope we can see our brothers with our hearts more than our eyes,» the First Lady began from the Army Subsistence, in Asunción. “The best show of affection that we can give our loved ones at this moment is by staying in our homes, and being supportive from where we have to be. I would like to share our experience, we have formed a group of volunteers, youth, to offer 2000 dishes of food per day to people from deprived areas. I think we can all contribute something, singing or simply giving a phrase of encouragement of contention. I’m sure we’re all going to be better human beings after this. »

Adolescents from 60 cities, such as Miami, Maputo, Santo Domingo, Rome, Madrid, Port-au-Prince, Lisbon, Asunción, Barranquilla, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Mexico City, Barcelona, ​​Setagaya-ku, Porto, La Plata, Naples , Tampa, Vigo, Panama, Bucharest, Cascais, Monterrey, Medellín, among many others, heard the message of Silvana López Moreira and generated a space for mental health and fresh air.

Similarly, various testimonies of Paraguayan compatriots were echoed throughout the world, calling for responsibility, without ignoring the circumstances of other contexts and realities.

Thus, the young Brenda Fariña was one of the Paraguayans who also participated in the meeting. “It is very nice to have friends from all over the world, not everyone has the opportunity to say I have a friend in Japan, Spain or the Dominican Republic; I feel lucky. I am very happy to continue sharing with this beautiful family and grow every day. I feel that these encounters help my personal growth. Without a doubt, this quarantine invites me to reflect on my daily actions, I am sure that when everything ends, each one of us will leave feeling like a better person, «said Brenda excitedly.

From the United States, the message from Marina Marquis, from Miami, sounded forceful: “I learned that Scholas is not an organization, it is a philosophy. I understood that it is okay to be a child, because they see the world with open eyes and hearts, they do not judge and they are always exploring. I think that if we all thought this way, we could start to move the world with this philosophy that Scholas proposes. My experience here is one of growth and family, that changed the way I see the world, I am very grateful to Scholas and the First Lady of Paraguay, ”she said.

At the end of the meeting, numerous conclusions came to light, especially powerful words were heard, such as brotherhood, sacrifice, courage, solidarity, family, fragility, empathy, uncertainty, confusion and communication. The most repeated were hope and encounter.

In addition to all this, from Rome (Italy), the Paraguayan ambassador to the Holy See Alfredo Ratti followed the videoconference closely.

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