First Virtual Meeting of Scholas Sport Educators – Argentina

Last Thursday, April 9, Scholas called sports educators from Argentina for a virtual meeting that allowed them to exchange experiences during these days of quarantine in their communities; Educators from Mexico also participated.

Physical education teachers and trainers from neighborhood clubs, sports schools and NGOs, together with the Scholas Sport team, coincided in this virtual meeting; the culture of the encounter was strongly perceived from the beginning, with an enormous vocation and great sensitivity in their social work as common denominators.

Most of the words and expressions that floated to summarize the situation that educators, children and their communities are experiencing with learning, were related to the idea of ​​uncertainty and the notion of a «new world» that is emerging.

There was also an opportunity to share what the tools and methodologies have been to maintain educational activities. “With the soccer boys we are motivating them all the time, by WhatsApp and Facebook groups, so that they are active; They send us videos of physical exercises, and we also send messages of support ”, explained David Solano, from the Solano Jrs. Club.

The experiences of different countries also contrasted, with participants  from outside Argentina as is the case of Mexico, where schooling has been more suspended, compared to countries like Argentina. Daniel Garnica, from Guadalajara, Mexico: “This is an ideal time to take advantage of rethinking many things, domestic life; What I receive from the group of coaches is that concern for the world that this pandemic will leave behind; how the social fabric in the country is going to be rebuilt, especially for the people who live daily. ”

Willy Merelle, from the Scholas Sport team: “It was very enriching to hear everyone’s realities; the word ‘world’ came to me, to synthesize the encounter a little, that world like the one that every child enters to discover, but also that world that changed forever; with new languages, new rules, with which we must be listening, to stay as healthy as possible; as is the case with us through sports, games and contact with others ”.

“I am very happy to see all these people, we really think the same and we are on the same goal, to defend children so that they can get out of the problems on the street, to come back stronger even after quarantine, and teach them and keep growing. together with them ”, Juan Torres, from Argentina.

Johnatan Castellano, facilitator of Scholas Sport: “We all have varied experiences in different places, but I think there is something that brings us together today and that is to rethink every day why we do what we do, why we get up every day to do what we do; and what defines it is vocation and passion, let’s never forget that, why we chose to be educators”.

Educators from the following institutions participated: Smata Soccer Schools; Vamos de Nuevo Foundation, from Tucumán; Pipirulinhos Club; Los Pibes de la Boca Organization; Filli Dei School; Mostrando Caminos, Lobos Association (Lobos); Solano Juniors Club; Solano Pista Club; San Juan Bosco Club; NGO Sueños de Campeón, as well as other teachers in general who work in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

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