First Colombian Youth Cyber Meeting

More than 80 students from various cities in Colombia gathered at the First National Cyber Meeting on Coronavirus in that country

Young people from Mexico and Paraguay also joined this Colombian cyber meeting as special guests.



After two weeks of the first World Youth Cyber ​​Meeting for the Coronavirus, organized by the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, and in which a dozen young people from our country participated, the Colombian headquarters of this foundation supported by Pope Francis became the first of its 14 international venues to celebrate its own national cyber meeting.

This is how this Tuesday, April 7, more than 80 young people from various cities in the country met through videoconference to «listen, create and celebrate», actions and values ​​that today more than ever make sense in the context of the pandemic of the COVID-19 that confronts the country and the entire world. 12 young people from Paraguay and Mexico, also from the international network of young Scholas, joined the young Colombians to share their thoughts, reflections and experiences.

The young people participated from Bogotá, Barranquilla, Medellín, Bello and Villlavicencio, and were able to share and get to know the reality of their peers in other cities in the country.

In a dynamic that brought together the 84 participants in a single virtual room, to start generating feelings of encounter and company, so rare these days, there was also an occasion to celebrate what was the first virtual Re-Creo of Scholas Colombia, space A regular feature of several of the foundation’s educational programs, in which young people share and demonstrate their passions, whether from singing, music, dancing, playing or other talents.

Later, activities were also carried out in smaller virtual groups, in which to create more intimate spaces where to initiate this «openness to the other», so dear to Scholas and to those who have had the opportunity to experience it.

Voices of youth in times of pandemic

“I think that we all share a feeling of loss; we have lost everything we thought was part of our lives; we thought that we did not have to worry about having those things, we saw it so normal, that from one day to the next having to renounce this, it has been very strong… ”were the words of Marko, from Medellín, who in this way expressed a reality of many of the young Colombians who today have seen their daily lives interrupted.

«I have gone through many stages, and even several in the same day,» he continues, «feelings of frustration, anger, depression, or happiness … At the end of the day all this generated rethinking a future assumption of which we are not even sure» .

Faced with this reality, there have been few testimonies of young people for whom the situation poses new challenges: “I believe that we are not wasting time, despite what people think; It is a time that we can take advantage of and ask ourselves questions, know ourselves, what we are failing and what we can improve. Obviously when all this is over, nothing will be the same; we must try ”, Juan’s words, from Barranquilla.

On the positive aspects in the midst of adversity, there were also several testimonies: María José, from Barranquilla: “Everybody, in the midst of their routines, their work, their school, always said they wanted a week or a few days doing ‘what I want ‘,’ a breather in your life ‘, and the moment came. I feel that this should help us make better use of the things we did in our journal. All this that is happening is going to help us make the most of and value time when we are face to face with other people. ”

“Valuing, personal growth, awareness, communication, taking advantage, concern” were some of the words that floated during the experience, however the word share was repeated incessantly in the final plenary, which served as motivation to continue with the participation in these cyber meetings at national and international level that for several weeks have allowed the continuous work of various levels.

Scholas World Cyber ​​Encounters

To date, three sessions of the permanent worldwide Scholas youth cyber-meeting have been held, on March 25 and April 1 and 8, in which prominent personalities who have wanted to join the youth and encourage us have participated in this endeavor to keep the culture of encounter alive; in the first there was the participation of the world director of Scholas, José María del Corral; in the second, with that of the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández; and in the third with that of the First Lady of Paraguay, Silvana Abdó.

The first session of the World Cyber Meeting of Teachers was also held this Tuesday, April 7. Argentina has also planned its own national Cyber meeting this Thursday, April 9.

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