Worldwide Cyber Meetings  – COVID19 (Year 2020)

According to the actual situation (Pandemic Covid19), Scholas Occurrentes Foundation has adapted its educative programmes based in games, art and thinking techniques, in order to continue developing its worldwide activities, and, through this way continue accomplishing it’s mission: “…answer to the call to create a meeting culture, bringing together young people generating a Meaningful Education …”

According to this, Scholas organizes “cyber meetings” with different people from all around the world, such as volunteers, young participants, politicians, famous people, among others, in order to generate a dialogue, share experiences and to meet each other despite the adversities the world is living (hereinafter the “Cyber Meetings”).

Please find below some characteristics and rules that govern the Cyber Meetings:

  1. Cyber ​​Meetings are carried out through the “Zoom” platform (, which allows real-time videoconferences from different electronic devices.
  2. Scholas is user of Zoom and adheres to its privacy policies, which are established at
  3. Prior to the celebration of each Cyber Meeting, Scholas obtains through a form, the express authorization of the people who participate in these, which includes information on:
      • The development of Cyber Meetings;
      • The treatment of the image rights and intellectual property rights of the participants;
      • The data protection of the participants; and
      • Information about the Scholas ethical channel that participants can access freely.

The model of this form can be requested to:

      • Marta Simoncelli –
      • Milagros Campos –
  1. Scholas record the development of the Cyber Meetings and those records are stored in Scholas´s Google Drive account. This account is protected by password and Scholas, as a user of Google Drive service, adheres to the privacy policies of Google Inc., which can be find at
  2. None of the records of the Cyber Meetings is stored on personal devices of any Scholas members.
  3. Scholas will keep the records for a limited period, and the material will be deleted once it has fulfilled the purpose for which it was recorded.
  4. All the participants of the Cyber Meetings can obtain information about their rights and about the privacy and data protection policies of Scholas, by accessing to:

For any query or question regarding the Cyber Meetings or any other activity or situation regarding your personal data, please contact or access to the Scholas ethical channel through