More than 100 young Neapolitans participate in the «Stay Together» program

Students and seniors, a «Staying Together» project. Five scholastic Institutes and 100 students between 15 and 17 years old have already joined the initiative.

A wonderful volunteer experience for about 100 Neapolitan students aged between 15 and 17 years.

It bears the name «Stare Insieme» (Staying Together) the project created by Scholas Occurrentes, which began last October 18 and will continue until January 2022, encouraging the meeting between young students of high schools in the Neapolitan hinterland and the elderly of the RSA del Frullone directed by Dr. Graziella Milan.

The project is implemented by the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Campania Region and ASL Napoli 1 Centro.

Born in Latin America during the Covid-19 pandemic, this educational experience is aimed at alleviating the negative emotional and cognitive effects caused by long periods of isolation, especially in the population most vulnerable to the pandemic emergency: the elderly.

A way, in short, to bring together young adolescents and elderly residents in nursing homes, focusing on virtual educational experiences, but also, and above all, in presence.

«We immediately gave our availability – explains the Director General of ASL Napoli 1 Centro Ciro Verdoliva – because we believe in the synergy between the world of school and the world of health. The project can certainly help to stimulate cognitive activities and improve the living conditions of our elderly guests, but at the same time it allows us to intercept forms of youth discomfort that might otherwise remain submerged. Added to this is the possibility of making young people perceive the reality of our Health Agency, demolishing that «wall» that – often – is created only by lack of knowledge».

If it is true that in the meetings in the RSA of Frullone prevails spontaneity and naturalness and emotion is the main character, it must be said that the path – following a methodology developed by Scholas – is structured in three phases that focus on preparing students for the day of the meeting.

The first phase, in fact, is just that of training, which is offered to young Neapolitan students through an educational experience directed by international experts of the organization and supported by a technical team of health workers of ASL Napoli 1 Centro.

Immediately after comes the final moment, that of the meeting. Seniors-hosts and adolescents get together, first in presence and then also in virtual mode. It follows, one week later, the fundamental moment of evaluation of the impact that this initiative generates in the group of young students. Thanks to the important contribution of the psychology area of ASL Napoli 1 Centro, it is possible to obtain an evaluation of the project under multiple profiles.

«Pope Francis has reiterated several times during the pandemic the importance of recovering an education capable of generating meaning – says José María De Corral – World Director of Scholas Occurrentes – with our ongoing commitment, we have been able to verify, including through various studies and measurements of sorts, that an education capable of generating meaning, is able to consequentially generate health. Commitment that we of Scholas Occurrentes, we have taken with pride and joy together with the Italian Ministry of Health and that today takes shape in the educational experience «Stare Insieme», a project carried out with the support of the Campania Region and ASL Napoli 1 Centro and that involves young students of secondary schools in the city of Naples and guests of the Assisted Health Care Residences. We firmly believe that this experience will represent an excellent opportunity to reflect on post-pandemic education and that it can be replicated in other Italian cities as well as European and international ones». Translated with (free version)

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