Panel: Washington youth ask themselves»Who is my neighbor?»

On October 7, the virtual meeting «Who is my neighbor? Washington, Afghanistan, Haiti» was held, sponsored by the «Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life» of Georgetown University and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, with the support of the new chapter of Scholas Occurrentes in Washington.

The talk discussed Pope Francis’ message and the challenges of the encyclical Fratelli Tutti for young people – beyond the boundaries of faith, origin and politics, and included the participation of Washington Cardinal Wilton Gregory.

He was joined by Juan Aznaran, partnerships manager for the Newcomer Network of Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Washington; Omayma El Ella, project associate for the Just and Inclusive Society Project at Democracy Fund, and former leader of Muslim leadership and public engagement at the Aziz Foundation; and Gerald Smith, principal at St. Thomas More Catholic Academy in Washington.

«The Archdiocese of Washington stands ready to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation to the youth of the Church in Washington to dialogue on the major social issues of our era. Dialogue is a process of discernment, accompaniment, listening and sharing,» Cardinal Wilton Gregory made clear.

The Holy Father asked the capital archdiocese to bring together young people to reflect on this message and explore how young people of faith can «rebuild our wounded world» and help those who «lie wounded along the way…lifting up and rehabilitating the fallen for the common good» (Fratelli Tutti 67).


With this meeting, the archdiocese and the Georgetown University initiative seek to encourage young people to respond to the Pope’s call and the urgent question: Who is my neighbor? by putting into perspective the situation in Washington, Afghanistan and Haiti.

This dialogue was planned by the «Scholas Occurrentes» organization and was an extension of the «Theology on Tap» programs of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

This was the first of three meetings on Fratelli Tutti’s call to youth. The next virtual meetings will be held on November 4 and December 2.

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