New issue of Cultori dell’incontro, Scholas Chairs Scientific Review

The latest issue, number 3, of Cultori dell’incontro, Scholas Cátedras’ scientific journal, is now available.

«2020 was a very difficult year for humanity. Children and young people were severely affected by the suspension of face-to-face education for long periods of time as a result of compulsory isolation. The pandemic brought to light various issues that have affected education since long ago, but which have become more visible in times of crisis, such as inequality, the underfunding of education, the education of emotions, etc.», explains Daniel Stigliano, coordinator of Scholas Chairs, in the introduction to the new issue.

Image of the inauguration of the 6th International Scholas Chairs Congress held in July 2021 in Madrid, Spain.


«In this new issue of Cultori dell’Incontro we would like to report on different experiences that have been carried out with great creativity and professionalism in different universities of the Scholas Chairs network to overcome difficulties and improve education. This handful of valuable experiences with different purposes and recipients coincide in a deep awareness for the solution of the problems of the communities where each researcher develops his task, while each one in his own language joins Pope Francis in saying aloud ‘we are on the same boat, all of us fragile and disoriented, but at the same time important and needed, all of us called to row together, each of us in need of comforting the other.’ (3/27/2020)», says Stigliano.

Scholas Chairs are spaces of reflection and action connected in a great network, in which each subject (professors, researchers, and students) is enriched by the Encounter with each other, through bonds that develop between Scholas Chairs and schools from Scholas.Social web site.

The goal is to generate concrete cooperation on experiences and case studies that will serve as models to apply in different contexts, developing synergies between universities, schools and projects; as well as to involve students in the process of comprehensive research and generate actions destined to help the community. The Cultori dell’incontro Review, collects annually from 2019 the most outstanding researches of the network.

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