“Scholas senses that this is what education is about… An education that opens us up to the unknown, which leads us to that place where the waters have not yet been divided, from there to dream new paths”

Pope Francis

Teach in the fragility of the encounter with the other, with the other, and therefore with oneself. With everything that, because it is different, gives us the capacity to be amazed. It opens us to the mystery of life as a gift, always being born; just before dividing speeches, projects, cultures. We believe that from there, only from the beginning, other directions begin to glimpse … It is in the silence where a word is born, and that word is capable of configuring a new world.

Scholas intuits that this is about teaching for life.

Listen, create and celebrate

Instead of perceiving reality by governing it for our interests, listening releases the bonds of one’s own will and opens to let life reveal its meaning. First it will be necessary to let things be said in one and, from that shock, be one who says things. If listening is to the life that calls, creating is the answer. Celebrating, finally, is the human way of thanking existence. Deep down life is always a gift, and «thank you» will be for, and in spite of everything.




Play, art and thought constitute the educational language of Scholas; with which to learn to listen, create and celebrate life. They involve the fragility of looking at the mystery and the creativity of expressing it. That is, they manage to perceive life in its original state and wrap it in the language that a new world will teach us.

Educate on the original question … Who am I?

They taught us that we should have (knowledge, tools, skills) to go out to do (produce, demonstrate, make a place among others) and finally arrive – reserved only for some – to be, «to be someone in life.»

Scholas breaks with this logic by educating in the listening of being, of that unique and therefore beautiful of each and everything. Thus, doing becomes responsible, response to the call, self-expression, creation. And finally, to celebrate having a match with who I am and, therefore, will not need more, or less.

Who I am? I am creation, I am unique, without needing to prove it, without deserving it, without manufacturing it. There was someone who listened to me, perceived my particularity and named it, calling me to express it, to manifest it, to be responsible with life. It’s worth all this … living makes sense.

Now I can give myself to everyone, now that I am unique…