More music to listen to, create and celebrate

– Tevelam, a major musical instrument factory and national distributor made a donation of musical equipment and instruments to the foundation

– The teams are a contribution to promote the Scholas Band / Ensemble workshop, which thanks to the contribution began to operate at the headquarters of the foundation in Villa 31 of Buenos Aires in January this year


Young volunteers and kids from Scholas Argentina, during one of the sessions of the band / ensemble workshop, at the Scholas headquarters in Argentina, in Villa 31, Buenos Aires.


Scholas’ headquarters in Argentina received a donation of sound equipment and musical instruments to reinforce the music workshops that are being developed in the neighborhood.

The new band / ensemble workshop, which, thanks to the donation, began to run, is aimed at young people from 13 years of age, and in it you not only learn to play musical instruments but to practice interacting with other musicians, sharing Your experiences and your life stories.

It seeks to create a suitable environment for this to happen, establishing a space for listening, companionship and sense of belonging, because music, as a pedagogical tool enables a new field, which is personal; Through experiences of bodily, mental expression and feelings, it is also transformed into a collective and group field.

These experiences generate a discovery and knowledge of the sensitivity of each one. For that, it starts from the accident, to remove prejudices and the fear of «error» or «pifie», integrating itself as part of the music, to be able to see it as a possibility of change towards something new.

The essence of the workshop is to play through, and with improvisation and try to investigate how to generate your own voice through the instrument and a collective voice, how to react to a partner’s sound and how you can listen to others. This type of workshops has allowed learning to be fun and creative, an educational experience and openness to the other, in which you learn to listen and see the world from a poetic place.

The donation consisted of a battery, three guitars (two electroacoustic and one electric), two Marshall amplifiers, a microphone and even a ukulele, among other devices (such as a Warwick microphone stand, a Warwick keyboard stand and connection cables) are several of the equipment and instruments that make up the donation, made by Televam, an Argentine company specialized in audio equipment and musical instruments, and that has wanted to join with this gesture to contribute to the mission of Scholas to boost the culture of the meeting, working together with young people and children in public, private, formal and non-formal educational environments.


In the workshops of the band / ensemble of Scholas it is sought that they be an educational experience and openness to the other, in which one learns to listen and see the world from a poetic place.


“It is a pride for Tevelam to collaborate with Occurrentes Scholas and help build a better and fairer country. From the cultural side we believe in the formation of values ​​through the study of music and we are aware that it unites us as a society; following Platon: «music is for the soul, what gymnastics for the body», were the words of Fernando Camaño, Marketing Manager of Tevelam when delivering the instruments.

Scholas Música is an opportunity for hundreds of boys and girls from Villa 31 and its surroundings to express their most intimate feelings and find meaning in their lives, through music, from composition through interpretation and musical production .

Thanks to this donation, more young people from Villa 31 and the city of Buenos Aires will be able to approach music from a place of creation and fun in the encounter with the other.

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