Mar del Plata starts its classes on the beach

The Bishop of the Diocese of Mar del Plata, Gabriel Mestre and the world director of Scholas, José María del Corral, at the signing of the agreement. Photo: Bishopric of Mar del Plata.


The Bishopric of Mar del Plata, Scholas Occurrentes, universities and colleges agree on an educational program based on surfing


January 20, 2021- The Bishopric of Mar del Plata and its University (University School of Theology); the FASTA University and the Atlántida Argentina University joined with the signing of an agreement with the Schoas University of Meaning.

The University of the Sense proposes to teach the own life. He dreams not only of the education of the future, but of the education of the origin. As of the signing of this agreement, the Bishopric and the Universities will promote activities among the students that put in the center, in the essential human contents, what is the meaning, beyond the technical competences of the careers.

The agreement that has been signed was signed by José María del Corral, world director of Scholas, the bishop of the Diocese of Mar del Plata, Gabriel Mestre, Fr. Dr. Luis Albóniga (University School of Theology), Juan Carlos Mena (FASTA) and Amado Zogbi (Atlántida Argentina University).

With the purpose of fostering the culture of encounters based on an education that generates meaning, these institutions join the project with their own teachers and university students. These in turn will collaborate in different activities. The first of these will be the «Sea and Beach School», an educational and social project that Scholas will develop in Mar del Plata where young people will be a fundamental pillar in launching and sustaining it.

“Just as the Pope promotes rag ball in football, how nice that Mar del Plata promotes this specific integration, adding Universities, schools, public, private, everyone, through the very thing that is the surfboard. This unites young people, it has to do with what the Pope says about the passion of young people. Where there is passion, there is meaning, and they are asking that: that we give them this good news, that we give them meaning, ”explained José María del Corral.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Mar del Plata, Gabriel Mestre said: “As Bishop of Mar del Plata I am happy to have been able to sign this agreement that, beyond the papers and the signature, is precisely to lower the University of the Sense to concrete reality of our people, of our people, involving everyone and putting into concrete practice the spirit of Fratelli Tutti that dear Pope Francis gives us ”.

The bishop of the Diocese of Mar del Plata, Gabriel Mestre and the world director of Scholas, José María del Corral with a surfboard. Photo: Bishopric of Mar del Plata.

Surf with Values- «School of sea and beach»

The «Sea and Beach School» is a project promoted by young people from Scholas, who was born in Argentina, managed to cross the sea and reach Africa, more precisely to Tofo (Mozambique), where a Surf School was developed that continues to operate . Today, that same sea brought them back to Argentina, but enriched by the experience lived in Mozambique.

The project «Surf with Values ​​- School of sea and beach», takes as its premise the game and what it tells us about life. The center is surfing, a game that invites you to listen, to create yourself and to celebrate, but there will also be activities of art, play and thought.

The young people themselves will be the teachers in these classes that begin on February 1 on the beach of Cliffs and in which boys and girls between 13 and 16 years old will participate. Diversity will be another of the characteristics of this School: boys who do not know the sea will participate, but also boys from the center and north of Mar del Plata, from different socioeconomic levels.

Pope Francis has called on all actors in society to commit to the education of young people. Therefore, in this project, in addition to the universities, different actors will participate such as the Municipality of Mar del Plata, SMATA and prominent local personalities in the field of surfing.

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