Young people tell us what Scholas is

On 27 August, a series of weekly meetings began, which brought together a number of Scholas young people from around the world with a keen interest in communication. The participants were invited to brainstorm together on how to tell what Scholas is as an experience, especially to other youths who have not yet experienced it.

They decided to create an Instagram account, a space where they could communicate in their own way and from their own space. They called it @ Scholas_no_oficial.

Each time, it was surprising to see the depth of the debate, ideas and proposals. They themselves were in charge of promoting the account, and the increase in followers was purely organic, based on various weekly proposals and initiatives put forward from the young people.

Some of them were:

  • IG stories featuring questions such as ‘What would you like to celebrate about life?’, ‘What would you ask all the young people in the world if they could hear you?’
  • Proposals for creating, sharing and making music.
  • Debates on education during the pandemic, or the ‘New Normal’ that engaged followers into thinking.

Towards the end of the year, the same young people called for a celebration to mark this union and have already planned to continue the initiative in 2021.

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