The initiative of young people during the pandemic was recognized by Pope Francis

The initiative of young people during the pandemic was recognized by Pope Francis

“I want to thank the young people of Scholas for having opened in the midst of the confinement and death that this pandemic left us, a space for the encounter with life”

Pope Francis

Pope Francis gave this recognition to all the young people of Scholas for their work during the pandemic and for keeping the culture of the encounter alive, within the framework of the working day that took place on Thursday February 18 at his residence in Santa Marta, in the Vatican, together with the world directors of Scholas José María del Corral and Enrique Palmeyro.

At this meeting, the Pontiff also had the opportunity to deepen the actions that Scholas Occurrentes has undertaken and plans in 2021.

Even with the uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic throws up in much of the world, Scholas remains committed to the global educational pact, generating new spaces for interreligious, intercultural and intergenerational encounters, through art, sport and technology.

An example of this is the work started in places such as Italy, where they have been working with minors in prison; in Mexico, where “Dialogues, the new education in pandemic” began, a program that has been joined by different social actors from the educational world; in Argentina, with the new Sea and Beach Schools, and work in The Impenetrable, Province of Chaco; in Spain, with the projection of new meetings of the Citizenship program and the expansion to other autonomous communities and municipalities; and in the United States, with the consolidation of the network of Scholas Chairs, among other actions.

This message of the Holy Father to the youth of Scholas joins the messages dedicated to youth in the framework of the 2021 Religious Education Congress organized by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles from February 18 to 21, on the occasion of its 65th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of “Youth Day”.