Great success of Zona Luce project

The first Zona Luce experience ended this March; the project developed by the FIGC and the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation as part of the collaboration started in 2020 to promote activities aimed at integration and rehabilitation for those categories in conditions of discomfort or marginalization, with the aim of protecting and strengthening the educational, moral and cultural value of football. An initiative aimed at penitentiary police operators and inmates of the Nisida juvenile prison, which is part of the Federation’s Social Football Network macro area, articulated through a path for the training of sports instructors, with the aim of transferring recipients the necessary skills to be able to continue an activity in the world of football at the end of the sentence.

After the ten meetings, held under the guidance of the FIGC / Scholas technical staff, through a targeted and shared program, and in full synergy with the prison structure, on the occasion of the inauguration of the football field in Nisida, the certificates will be delivered. participation in the presence of the Prefect of Naples Marco Valentini, the Director of the prison Gianluca Guida, the President of the Youth and School Sector Vito Tisci, the President of the LND Regional Committee Carmine Zigarelli, the Coordinator of Scholas Italia Alessandra Graziosi and the SGS Coordinator Campania Giuseppe Madonna.

«Many free people live closed in on themselves – said José María del Corral, Scholas World Director – others, on the other hand, conquer their freedom by discovering inner Meaning and Beauty».

«Zona Luce is a project of great value and significance – declared SGS President Vito Tisci – and represents the attention and commitment of the Federation on social issues and aimed at young people».

The Zona Luce project also saw the participation of the High School of Psychology (ASAG) of the Catholic University for a monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention with the scientific coordination of Caterina Gozzoli and Chiara Corvino. Pending the results of the research work, two extremely valuable aspects of the project can already be highlighted: the involvement in a common activity of multiple actors that is rarely detected (the young boys of Nisida, other young people from the city of Naples, the prison police and sports clubs in the area) and the construction, from the beginning of the project, of a working group with coaches, operators and children, united by the desire to reflect on the activities on the playing field.In these terms we see in Zona Luce the construction of an educational community that reflects on itself in order to make the most of the possibilities that sport, when well managed, allows.

Further information on the project is available on the website dedicated to the social activities of the FIGC: and

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