Commitment of the Italian Football Federation and Scholas for the development of social activities through football


 Commitment of the Italian Football Federation and Scholas for the development of social activities through football

Signed memorandum of understanding between the Federation, Scholas, the Foundation of His Holiness and the Pontifical Council for Culture. As a first project, a course for sports educators in juvenile prisons.


The Italian Football Federation and the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation together for the development of social activities through football. The Memorandum of Understanding, signed between the FIGC and the Foundation of His Holiness Pope Francis, will allow the launch of projects aimed at integration and rehabilitation for those categories in conditions of hardship or marginalization.

A coordinated action, which is part of the Federation’s Social Football Network macro area, for the promotion and implementation of activities in the sports field with the aim of protecting and strengthening the educational, moral and cultural value of football and will allow further expand the respective possibilities of intervention on these issues. 

“The FIGC is increasingly present in the social sphere  – declares the President of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina – because it lives the responsibility of guiding and addressing these issues of the entire world of football. The values ​​that the Scholas Foundation embodies enhance the activity that characterizes the Youth and School Sector and bring football closer to the territories and communities of reference, which is why we are proud of this collaboration » . 

«The signing of the memorandum of understanding with the FIGC and with the Pontifical Council for Culture is an important opportunity for the birth of an educational and sporting path in particular in football  – declares Jose Maria del Corral, World President of Scholas Occurrentes – Il Zona Luce project, which takes place in the juvenile prison of Nisida, puts into effect what our founder Pope Francis, since he was Bishop in the city of Buenos Aires, supported as of fundamental importance humanitarian and educational work in prisons; from our origins we are convinced that sport is a school of life and integration ”.

The first planned initiative started on December 18 at the juvenile prison in Nisida (Naples), concerns a training project for sports instructors in situations of hardship, called Zona Luce, intended for Penitentiary Police Operators and Prisoners and in in the next few months it will be extended to similar structures in Rome and Milan, with the aim of involving in the future other juvenile detention institutions in the area.

The activity, which will be entrusted to a specific territorial staff made up of representatives and technicians of the Youth and Scholastic Sector of the FIGC, of ​​Scholas and of the respective prison institutions, will be articulated through 10 training interventions that will have the playing field and the ball as medium educational exception. In order to pursue the set objectives, each session will be developed around themes such as: inclusion, courage, commitment, sharing, loyalty, respect, imagination, humility, identity, sacrifice.

At the same time as sporting activity, the impact of the entire project is monitored, both within the prison facilities and possibly at the local sports clubs in collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

Further information on the Zona Luce project is available on the website dedicated to Social Football:   and  . 

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