Experiences from virtuality in Scholas Deporte México

This 2020, the year of virtuality for Scholas México, was not entirely different for Scholas Sport.

From the headquarters in Mexico, 17 talks were promoted with renowned technical directors of professional soccer, and more professionals in the athlete’s health, which were offered free of charge to our network of teachers inside and outside the country, under the name of «Charlas sin KCT »(Talks without Cassette).

Likewise, a certification in «Sports Teaching with Values» was organized and carried out, which consisted of five sessions of conversation, listening and learning in shared spaces also with technical directors of professional soccer, athletes and sports journalists, always with the Scholas seal, pondering the accessibility and gratuity for our network of allied teachers in the country and abroad.

Around 60 Professors in our Network benefited from these initiatives.

With the little ones, we recently started an initiative called «Virtual Meeting of Soccer Challenges with Values», where approximately 25 children and young people, accompanied by their teachers, take part in soccer spaces where they test their skills and individual abilities with the ball, as well as knowledge of Mathematics, History and Geography related to soccer in our country.

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