CEU San Pablo University, in Madrid, Spain, will host the 6th International Congress of the Scholas Chairs from June 3 to 5, 2020, and will have as its central theme the Global Education Pact.

From last December 2019 until next March 31 will be open call for papers and other events to the academic community concerned.

Organized by the San Pablo CEU University Foundation, the Catholic University of Valencia -UCV, and the University of Granada, this congress aims to bring together university and academic representatives members of the Scholas Chairs Program and personalities of the religious, diplomatic and governmental world in order to generate opportunities for cooperation and learning around education as the main instrument for social change. This new edition will have as its central theme “Rebuild the Global Education Pact”.

The ultimate goal of the exhibitions is to generate concrete cooperation on successful experiences and case studies that can serve as models to apply in different realities. In this sense, it adheres to the invitation of Pope Francis to renew and relaunch university institutions towards a model committed to the anthropological and socio-environmental crisis in an “exit” process, beyond its walls.

This year, three axes related to the Global Education Pact have been established: people, values ​​and actions.

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6th International Congress of the Scholas Chairs

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