We enter the final stretch of the «Rag Ball» contest!
After several weeks in which we have learned to connect more with those around us, to discover the origin of many things that were before our eyes and that went unnoticed, we invite you – if you have not already done so – to participate in the contest sending your photo essay.
If you lack some inspiration or don’t know how to tackle it, at Scholas we can also help you out! That is why we invite you to this international photography workshop, where you can discover all the possibilities of the photographic medium and awaken your creativity.



The current context brings us an incomprehensible and unattainable novelty, and calls us like never before to rethink our way of living.

Today the world is forced to stop.

This time particularly invites us to recollection, to be at home, to recognize those closest to us and to rediscover the small miracles that happen in everyday life, to Return to the Origin.

In this new reality is that the workshop is framed, to join more young people and children to participate, so that, from the intimacy of each home and through the virtual tools that allow us to be close despite the distance, they can count on through the photographic art that is Back To Origin At Home.

WHEN? Saturday, July 25, 2020, 10 am (CDMX, Bogotá), 11 am (Asunción), 12 noon (Buenos Aires), 5 pm (Madrid / Rome).

Check the time in your city: HERE

WHO? Youth from all around the world!

HOW? Through the ZOOM platform.


Click HERE, after which you will have access to the Zoom link.