This coming Friday, August 28 at 9 am, Buenos Aires, 2 pm Madrid, Rome, the renowned Argentine philosopher Darío Sztajnszrajber will offer the lecture «What is deconstruction?, within the framework of the «Eight Signs» cycle of lectures, by the recently inaugurated University of Meaning, of the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation.

This talk, the «sixth sign» of the eight that make up the cycle, will be given virtually and is open to all audiences, upon registration on the University of Meaning website.

It is said that Darío Sztajnszrajber took philosophy out of the classrooms, and brought it to the squares, to  radio, to television. A popularizer of Philosophy and the author of dozens of books on the subject, he has become a phenomenon, especially for millions of young people not only from Argentina, where he is from, but from Latin America and beyond.

Philosopher, essayist, teacher and television star, and author of titles such as “What is philosophy good for? (Small treatise on demolition) ”; «Philosophy in 11 sentences» and «Philosophy with hammer blows», Sztajnszrajber joins the universal thinkers who have joined this new University of Meaning, the first one, Pope Francis, who gave the inaugural lecture on June 25. The Argentines Hugo Mujica and Carlos Skliar, and the Italian philosophers Massimo Recalcati and Roberto Esposito have also participated.

The University of Meaning, sensitive to encounters with otherness, is a model of university without any parallel. It has been able to open its doors to the community – young people, adults and the elderly of all ethnicities groups, creeds and social classes – through virtual encounters cultivating and exercising listening, creation and celebration, focusing on life.

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