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Social organizations launch joint publication on education and pandemic this February 6

Concern for schools during the pandemic and post-pandemic is one of the most relevant issues for the Brazilian Articulation of the Global Educational Pact, ABPEG (ABPEG, for its acronym in Portuguese), which launches a publication on this subject in a live event on YouTube this coming Saturday, February 6, 2021, starting at 10 a.m. local time in Sao Paulo.

Youtube Channel: Brazilian Articulation of the Global Educational Pact

The publication, entitled “Education in Pandemic and Post-pandemic”, marks the actions of the ABPEG in Brazil, with the support of more than 60 collaborating entities between social movements, unions and religious congregations.

“This document is a kind of identity of the pact in Brazil. These are important guidelines for the creation of an equitable program based on Brazilian social inequality to overcome it ”, explains Rudá Ricci, sociologist and coordinator of ABPEG.

The schedule of this virtual launch includes the participation of representatives of the partner entities, the presentation of the publication by the professor of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, Patrícia Dorneles, and the planning for 2021 by the president from the Common Home Institute, Silvana Bragatto. The event will also include a special program on the Centennial of Paulo Freire and Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns.

Representatives of ABPEG partner entities have been invited to the event to speak about the Pact, such as the Scholas Occurrentes foundation; the National Association of Catholic Education in Brazil, ANEC; the National Confederation of Education Workers, CNTE; the National Campaign for the Right to Education; the National Union of Municipal Education Councils, UNCME; the Single Union of Education Workers, Sind-UTE, and the Union of Official Education Teachers of the State of São Paulo, APEOESP.

For Paulo Quermes, national advisor of the Marist Union of Brazil, UMBRASIL, social organizations and sectors of society must lead quality and humanistic education. «This role becomes more relevant 100 years after the birth of Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator who always fought for a liberating education. The call of Pope Francis is a pact of society towards a humanized education,» he added.

Global Education Pact in Brazil

The «Global Educational Pact» was convened by Pope Francis in 2019, and in it he calls all nations to build a future together for the planet, pointing out the need to invest in the talents of each person, “because all change needs an educational path to generate a new universal solidarity and a welcoming society ”, says the message of the Holy Father.

In his speech, the Pontiff presented the desire to hold a world event with the theme «Reconstructing the global educational pact», which gives the initiative its name, with the central objective of building a common path so that the «village of education» revive the commitment to the new, renew the passion for a more open and inclusive education, capable of patient listening, constructive dialogue and mutual understanding.

The coordinator of ABPEG in Brazil, the sociologist Rudá Riccim warns about the great challenge and the role of Brazilian social organizations for the future of education. “Brazil is the eighth economy in the world, but it is in the seventh position in terms of social inequality. It is urgent to address this pact of Pope Francis, since it is necessary to think about students beyond the walls of the school, guaranteeing an equal education, respecting differences, for a culture of peace and social justice ”, he warns.

The initiative in Brazil is the result of the invitation of the Scholas Ocurrentes organization, to articulate impact actions of social and interreligious organizations. “Scholas’s invitation comes at a time when we also launched in Brazil the articulation of the Economy of Francis, another summons from the Pope. We embrace these initiatives because we believe that it is urgent to make a pact of social organizations for a radical change in education in our country, ”explains the president of the Common Homme Institute, Silvana Bragatto.

Key facts

Live: Launch of the publication «Education in pandemic and post-pandemic»

Brazilian articulation of the Global Education Pact

Date: February 6, 2021

Time: 10 am to 12 m

Live on Youtube


  • Welcome: Rudá Ricci, president of the Cultiva Institute and coordinator of ABPEG.
  • Participation: Daniel Stigliano, coordinator of Scholas Occurrentes Chairs
  • Presentation of associations:
    • ANEC (National Association of Catholic Education in Brazil)
    • CNTE (National Confederation of Education Workers)
    • National Campaign for the Right to Education
    • UNCME (National Union of Municipal Education Councils)
    • Sind-UTE (Unique Union of Education Workers)
    • APEOESP (Union of Official Education Teachers of the State of Sao Paulo).
  • Presentation of the publication «Education in Pandemic and Post-pandemic»: Patrícia Dorneles, professor at UFRJ.
  • Presentation of the ABPEG 2021 planning: Silvana Bragatto, president of the Common Home Institute.

Versão em português