«Fanciullo», The look, the time and the amazement. A space for young people that recovers childhood through art, play and thought.

If this experience of Scholas is not known to you by name, it is because it has taken shape right here; it is about the educational experiences of Scholas that do not have an established name, but that get their name and meaning in doing, in feeling. On other occasions Scholas was called «Ieri Ancora»; in others it has not even had a name.

This experience cannot be described in words, so it does not have a preset name. Young people meet to inhabit the time and the period of childhood. From the game, dialogue, painting, writing and photography they rediscover reality as a “donation”, regaining its capacity for wonder. A new, unique work will come alive.

«Of this experience, I will remember the ways in which concepts were transmitted to me, which are not often treated in traditional lessons but which are never taken for granted, such as the value of time or the beauty of being children.»

Vincenzo, 16 years old. Child – March 2019 – Naples, Italy

See how Scholas Fanciullo’s experience was in Pisa in December 2019.