The global pandemic prevents us from living a normal life but, at the same time, challenges us to work with new resources and looks, Pope Francis invites us to overcome fear, to become creative and jointly solve common problems in this time of crisis. 

To this end Scholas organizes the III Cyber ​​meeting of Sports Clubs and managers operating within sport with the theme: Talent and Contexts.

Just as the world director of Scholas, Enrique Palmeyro, testifies to us: «Pope Francis, invites us today to unite in an Educational Pact with: politicians, children, parents, athletes … for an education that makes sense.» And as Minister Spadafora said, «State support for sports facilities is very important, but above all we must strengthen sports education in values.»

For this, on Monday 11 May at 16.00, Scholas in collaboration with CNA – CONI and the Italian Boxing Federation will hold a new Cyber ​​Match on Sport, during which they will participate:

•  Enrique Palmeyro (World Director Scholas),

•  Roberto Cammerelle (athlete and CONI board member),

•  Gianluca Zambrotta (2006 world football champion),

•  Filippo Galli (youth football development-FIGC technical sector),

•  Raffaella Masciadri (Pres. CNA CONI),

•  Gianfranco Coppola (RAI sports journalist vice president of USSI),

•  Vito Di Gioia (FIGC SGS National Secretary),

•  Caterina Gozzoli (ASAG Cattolica Director for sport)

The meeting is aimed at all managers and coaches operating in the sports field.

The Pontifical Scholas Occurrentes Foundation was born from the desire of His Holiness Pope Francis and is now present in 190 countries.

Sport, art and technology represent, in Scholas’ educational framework, precious tools to open new existential horizons and create new models of education.

? You can follow the live from our Facebook:  scholasitalia