Educators of Scholas Deporte in Spain, within the framework of the Game for Peace in the disappeared Vicente Calderón stadium, Madrid, in 2017

It is the day of the reunion with sport, 70 years after the inauguration of the World Cup Brazil 1950, after the interruption by World War II.

Sports educators build peace every day, educating children and young people in values with teachings that they take to their homes and communities.

Pope Francis announced on June 5: «In this new crisis that humanity is facing today, I want to celebrate Scholas opening the doors of the University of Meaning, because educating is seeking the meaning of things … Educating is listening, creating culture, celebration».


The return to the practice of sport in different contexts with what was learned during the crisis and its impact on Education, inspired by listening, creating and celebrating.

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Sports Educators in general: Physical Education Teachers, Trainers and all workers linked to working with children and young people with sport as an educational tool.


Through the Zoom platform, in three parts: Welcome, work meetings in different rooms (listening and creation) and joint sharing (celebration).

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