CREAtiv, Creativ E-Academy and Scholas Occurrentes have come together in 2021 to give life to a new edition of the International Festival of Creativity in Pastoral Management, which took place from February 9th to February 12th, and that will have new moments in March and June, for a total of 6 months.

This year the festival’s events, which have been held since 2017, will aim, given the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to propose ideas and reflections to activate processes that allow us to get out of the stillness that characterizes this situation. This is the first step to face the transformations that are taking place, finding the right motivation in the urgency of the mission to which we are called.

The festival includes guest lectures that offer multiple perspectives, workshops, dialogues, as well as spaces for recreation and sharing.

At this point, Scholas collaborates with the festival by energizing the moments called «Re-Creo», virtual spaces where all participants can express themselves, each one has the opportunity to «be» freely, through their passions and talents; for some it is music, games, poetry, dance or any other form of expression with which to express their uniqueness and beauty.

Next sessions, in March and June

It is difficult to keep up with the current challenges and to be able to really build something concrete and lasting; that is why the festival will take place over six months, or even longer, precisely to keep alive the bond created during the events this February and next March and June, and to accompany the participants in a real process of change.

Thanks to the preparation carried out in all these previous stages, it will be possible to create something new, to respond to the unprecedented problems that we face, to be able to build innovative projects to continue pastoral action both in an emergency situation and, we hope, facing the return to normality.

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