“Digital emotions – Virtual creative paths in the future we dream of”, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Education

At such a complex time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Scholas responds to requests for help from teachers, school leaders and students from all over Italy who are asking for support for their educational path.

Anguish, stress, panic attacks, depression and demotivation … these are the words most present in the requests for help that come to us from the world of the Italian school.

Based on these questions, Scholas has developed a digital educational proposal of 3 meeting cycles, 12 total meetings, 3 for school principals and teachers and 9 (3 cycles of 3 meetings each) for upper secondary students, in the model already proven of the “Piazzetta Digitale”, which is proposed again in a new version and which takes even more into account the emotional well-being of young people and adults in a framework of digital citizenship.

Scholas uses the potential of technology as a formidable tool for human connection between people.

Special guest: Italo Fiorin, Education Consultant of the Pope Francis, is director of the Higher Education School “Educating to Encounter and Solidarity” (EIS) of the LUMSA University of Rome, where he teaches General Didactics and Special Pedagogy and Didactics. Service Learning expert, he is coordinator of the national scientific committee of MIUR for the national guidelines for the curriculum of kindergarten and the first cycle of education

This third and last meeting will take place next Monday, February 8, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Rome local time).