This coming Friday September 11, at 11 am, Buenos Aires, 4 pm Madrid, Rome, the actor Enrique Bustos, member of the mythical theater company La Zaranda, Unstable Theater of Nowhere, will be in charge of the virtual lesson «Disappear », within the framework of the cycle of conferences“ Eight signs ”, of the recently inaugurated University of Meaning, of Scholas Occurrentes Foundation.

This talk, the «seventh sign» of the eight that make up the cycle, will be given virtually and is open to all audiences, upon registration on the Universidad del Sentido website.

Qualified as «a mythical group in Latin America and a cult, ritual and poetic formation for the people of the European scene», La Zaranda, born in 1978 in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, carried the name of Unstable Theater of Andalucía La Baja, and since 2016, based in Madrid, the Unstable Theater of Nowhere.

About La Zaranda

Under an intense creative work that has earned it great international prestige, its career has as constant theater: existential commitment and fidelity to its traditional roots; as dramatic resources: the symbolic use of objects, visual expressionism, the purification of texts and the creation of characters and extreme situations; and as a working method, a rigorous process of collective creation.

La Zaranda as a sieve that preserves the essential and discards the useless, develops a theatrical poetry that, far from stereotyped and ephemeral formulas, has consolidated itself in its own language, which always tries to evoke memory and invite reflection.

About the University of Meaning

The University of Meaning, sensitive to encounters with otherness, is a model of university without any parallel. It has been able to open its doors to the community – young people, adults and the elderly of all ethnicities groups, creeds and social classes – through virtual encounters cultivating and exercising listening, creation and celebration, focusing on life.

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