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«Sea and Beach School» Closure

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20 May 2022
  • Capilla CEB's Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. Calle 4 3999 - 4099, Mar del Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, ArgentinaLocation

This Friday, February 26 at 11 am (Buenos Aires local time), the closure of the «Sea and Beach School» activities will be held at the CEB’s Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Chapel, in Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires Aires, Argentina.

Thus ends a novel program created by Scholas Occurrentes, a series of educational experiences, games, art and thought encounters, aimed at boys and girls between 13 and 16 years old, and which began on February 1 in the cliffs of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Born in Argentina, strengthened in Mozambique and back to its country of origin, this activity takes as its premise the game and what it tells us about life. The center is surfing, a game that invites you to listen, to create yourself and to celebrate; Art, play and thought activities are added to it.

These activities have been accompanied by the Municipality of Mar del Plata and have been developed in collaboration with the Diocese of Mar del Plata; the Pastoral Surf; the Union of Mechanics and Related of Automotive Transport, SMATA; Mana Seguros Generales, and Laboratorios Pharmamerican.

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