The Scholas community invites you to participate in the opening of the Academic Year 2021-2022 of Scholas Chairs that will take place on Tuesday, October 19 at 12 noon (Buenos Aires), 5 pm (Madrid), through an event held for the first time virtually, with the aim of sharing the steps that have been taken so far in the organization of the University of Meaning and mainly presenting the Scholas Chairs research groups for the period 2021 – 2022. Registration is open and free.

The academic year of Chairs Scholas begins at the end of each annual international congress; the most recent took place in Madrid, Spain, last July. See. VI International Scholas Chairs Congress is a space for deconstruction based on the experiences and research developed in each Scholas Chair that gives dynamism and visibility to the Chairs. These international meetings take place each year in a different country and continent. The academic year concludes in the international congress held the following year, giving rise to a permanent cycle where initiatives born of creativity, gratuity and beauty are generated and implemented.

In addition to the research of each Scholas Chair, the program proposes the integration of different action research groups that offer teachers, researchers and students the possibility of producing action-oriented research. These projects aimed at solving the real problems of the community will be exhibited at the Scholas Cátedras International Congress in 2022.

During the online opening on Tuesday, October 19, the coordinators of the action-research groups will have a space to communicate the objectives of each group and invite the teachers to choose to join the work.

This event is of great relevance for the Scholas community because it keeps active the members of the Chairs who have been with us to a large extent since 2016 and also allows us to invite for the first time all the new contacts made during the last period.



University of Meaning. First steps
How do action- research groups work? Prof. Italo Fiorin (LUMSA University, Rome, Italy and President of the Executive Committee of Scholas Chairs)

Presentation of the action-research groups 2021-2022 (Dr. Daniel Stigliano, Global Coordinator Scholas Cátedras)

Group 1: The meaning of teaching at the university. Moderator: Dr. Pablo Tejada Romero (La Inmaculada Teaching Center, University of Granada, Spain)

Group 2: International Learning Communities on-line for teachers and students of education careers. Moderator: Dra. Carmen Rosales Varo (La Inmaculada Teaching Center, University of Granada, Spain)

Group 3: The meaning of innovation in the university. The university and the future (Rectors Forum). Dr. Franklyn Holguín Haché (APEC University, Dominican Republic)

Group 4: The meaning of inclusion in the university. Field project in rural areas of Guatemala. Moderator: Dr. Irene Culcasi (LUMSA University, Rome, Italy) and Dr. Héctor Hernández Ramirez (San Carlos University of Guatemala)

Group 5: The meaning of student exchange, intercultural dialogue and GloCal Service Learning: critical perspectives for the construction of the Global Compact – Intereurisland Glocal Smart. Moderator: Nicola Andrian (University of Bahia, Brazil – Universita di Padova, Italy)

Group 6: The meaning of solidarity in the university. Convert professionalizing practices into solidarity learning projects. Moderator: Dr Gustavo Albornoz Hormazabal (Silva Henríquez University, Chile)

Group 7: The university and the meaning of inhabiting a Common House. Towards an educational pact on water. Moderator: Dr. Alejandro Lamberti (Scholas Cátedras).

International time

17.00 (Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Nigeria) – 16.00 (Portugal, Congo, Cameroon) – 18.00 (Romania, Israel, Iraq, Kenya) – 12.00 (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay) – 11.00 (Paraguay, Venezuela, Dominicana, Haiti, New York) – 10.00 (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico) – 9.00 (Honduras) – 8.00 (Los Angeles)