Virtual meeting: FutVal Experiences around the World

With the participation of 30 sports trainers from 11 countries, the First Virtual Meeting of Scholas Sports on FutVal Experiences around the World was held on November 4, which aimed to share the diversity of experiences of education in values ​​through football that have been carried out to date, as well as serving as a space for reflection on what they have experienced in 2020, and the vision they have for the future with FutVal, Soccer with Values.

Educators from clubs, schools, universities, foundations and other organizations from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru and Spain, were present. After the presentation of the FutVal tour around the world and the welcome from the World Director of Scholas Enrique Palmeyro, the participants were divided into three groups, where all reflected on the connection of FutVal with their work, the learnings in this pandemic year, and what they consider most important for the new times in sports practice.

In the sharing, the spokespersons of each group shared the conclusions, in which they highlighted the values ​​that the youth of the FutVal Program bring from the playing field to their communities, especially the spirit of solidarity, effort and resilience, together with the importance of the moment of reflection on the soccer field.

They also expressed the positive influence that each person directly or indirectly related to playing soccer with values ​​embodies. They see the future strongly focused on the human being and the emotional, with the intention of extending the practice of FutVal to many more places.

All the participants of the meeting agreed to consider honesty as the foundation stone of what one tries to build with added values ​​to sports practice. They also highlighted the enforcement of fun on the regulations; aiming at the recovery of the person, modernizing our ability to help by mastering technological tools, being able to adapt spaces without detracting from the training quality, and always being attentive to exchanges with colleagues around the world.

The experiences lived were very gratifying and appreciated by all, which generates a beautiful expectation for a second meeting, to be held in the first days of December.

Participants testimonials

“Fantastic, it was great. Thank you very much for having invited me to participate in an event of such magnitude ”, Juan, Toledo, Spain.


“I leave with a pleasant memory, very beautiful experiences; you can see that solidarity and humility of each of the participants. It makes us think that in this world there are still people who let go of our activities to be able to contribute for the benefit of other people ”, Antonio, Lima, Peru.


«I am happy to be part of a group like this, with a totally different perspective and, above all, of having helped me to rediscover my role as an educator», Alfredo, Tucumán, Argentina.


«I was shocked to learn of harsher realities, where they could not do anything due to the lack of internet resources and they made a community soup kitchen to support children and young people who did not have food», Francisco, Guadalajara, Mexico

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