Meeting of young people with champions of Italian sports

Roberto Cammarelle, Irma Testa, Michele Erba and Michela Pellegrini.

What is talent? How do you react to losses in sport (and in life)? How has the world of boxing changed in the last twenty years? These are just a few of the many questions young high school students asked boxing champions Roberto Cammarelle, the 2008 Beijing Olympic champion, and Irma Testa, the 2019 European champion and the first Italian woman to compete in the Olympics. The two Italian athletes, last Thursday, December 10, went back on the stages of their careers and answered the many questions from the boys.

It was the second appointment of «Pomeriggi with …», a cycle of videoconferences organized by the associations of the Inpatto Foundation, the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, and Don Giuliano Sala de Barzanò, where great athletes talk with young people. The idea for the initiative was born to break the isolation due to the pandemic and the desire to bring children and young people together with personalities from sports, civil society and entertainment.

These videoconferences are intended to «broaden your gaze»; Also in this case, it was not a canonical conference, but «a talk between people who want to know each other.» After the presentation of the Area Coordinator of Scholas Sport in Italy, Mario del Verme, and Michele Erba, mathematics teacher at the G. Parini linguistic secondary school in Barzanò, the students were able to speak directly to the two athletes. Also present at the meeting was Michela Pellegrini, manager of external relations for the Italian Boxing Federation, who introduced the two athletes.

«Roberto is not only a great champion, but a great man. He has won three Olympic medals and was twice world champion in the super maximum categories. Thanks to him, many champions have been inspired, including our Irma Testa – explained Pellegrini. – Today we have the excellence of men’s boxing and the excellence of women’s boxing, I recommend everyone to watch the movie «Mariposa», broadcast by Rai2, which tells the sporting and human story of Irma «.

The two boxers thus explained to the boys their entry into the world of boxing. «I started going to the gym at age 11 to lose weight. But after a few months I realized that this would be my path. Before my debut I trained in all the gyms in Lombardy, and I measured myself with as many people as possible, ‘Cammarelle explained.

On the other hand, there are different reasons that led Irma Testa to try her luck in a sport, which in the common imagination is linked to the male gender. “My story is that of a young woman who grew up in Torre Annunziata, in an environment that did not belong to her. I understood that boxing could give me a future and I made sure that this sport was the path to what I had always hoped for. for me. «Today her triumph in the discipline has changed the face of this sport in our country.

«Thanks to my contribution – Testa continued – boxing has also become very common among women. I think boxing is a very elegant sport. Women use their heads a lot, while men use brute force more.» The athlete, however, did not hide her initial difficulties, but in recent years things have changed considerably. «There has been a crazy increase in women’s boxing. Today, women don’t approach this sport just for self-defense.» Camarelle, on the other hand, reiterated that «one of the most important aspects in sport is personal growth.»

In an hour and a half of talk, the two athletes bare their souls and also talked about their difficult moments. «After the disappointments of a defeat, I understood how I had to face the path that then led me to win the Olympics: any defeat must be a reason for constructive self-criticism.» Irma Testa also reiterated the importance of sacrifice to achieve one’s goals. «Talent without work is wasted» – underlined the 2019 European champion. »

«Afternoons with …» continues on December 17th week with Gianluca Guida, director of the juvenile prison of Nisida, Naples. Also in this case, the initiative will take place on the Zoom platform, and is aimed at high school youth. To participate it is necessary to register on the association’s website.

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