Pope Francis at the Scholas offices in Trastevere to celebrate the new Scholas openings on five continents

On Thursday 20 May, at 16.00h, the Holy Father will visit the Vatican offices of Scholas Occurrentes at Palazzo San Calisto in Trastevere. Here he will meet young people from different regions of Italy who took part in the first part of the programme, supported by the Italian Ministry of Education, on emotional health issues during the pandemic. The students, accompanied by their teachers, will share their experiences in the presence of, among others, the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, and authorities from the Italian Ministry of Health.

The Holy Father will also meet with young Ibero-Americans who will present the conclusions of the meeting, which took place in Madrid during the previous days, on the theme of “Dreaming together the way to a better future”.

During the meeting, Pope Francis will link up live with the students in the new Scholas centres in Sydney, Australia, Valencia, Spain, and Washington, USA; he will also listen to the young people of Argentina in the area of El Impenetrable, Chaco, inaugurating the new addiction prevention programme.

The International School for Environmental Leaders – inspired by the encyclicals Laudato si’ and Fratelli Tutti – and the School of Political Formation will also be launched on this occasion.

At the end of the meeting, a space will be opened for dialogue with the global community of Scholas Occurrentes in all five continents.

The event can be followed live via Vatican Media Live in English

Vatican Media in Spanish

Vatican Media in Italian

Vatican Media in Portuguese

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