Scholas’ approach to engage youth, highlighted by the Inter-American Development Bank

At Scholas we celebrate the recent launch of the publication «How Do Disruptive Innovators Prepare Today’s Students to Be Tomorrow’s Workforce?: Scholas’ Approach to Engage Youth», a document of the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB.

The document, written by Scholas’ young researcher and project assistant, Desireé Denaro, is part of a Disruption Brief Series, aims to understand new trends in education led by non-traditional actors.

Through three study cases, the document shows the approach that Scholas Occurrentes applies in tackling school dropout in Latin America. «We create different experiences, based on the same principles: building a sense of community and belonging, toward the Culture of the Encounter», explains Desireé Denaro.

«Some of our interventions may not appear as directly related to the problem of school dropout, however Scholas works on the students’ motivation and engagement, by listening to them and creating a space when their voice is truly heard».

The series shows how these actors are disrupting the market and progressively occupying the spaces traditionally held by schools, universities, and formal education agencies. In this series, distinguished education experts and professionals share their insights and knowledge about these new models of education.

The series in turn is framed in the 21st Century Skills Initiative promoted by the IDB and that responds to the new challenges faced by students in the 21st century, made up of an extremely dynamic environment with a changing labor market and ever-changing societies. more diverse.

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