From the FutVal soccer fields, the Scholas Sport Community debates on VAR, fairness and the spirit of the game

Fifty educators and sports trainers, representing 30 institutions from  Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Uruguay and United States, participated in the World Meeting «VAR with a rag ball» held on November 3 in online mode, organized by the sports area of the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation and aimed at soccer teachers and coaches who work with children and young people.

In the first part of the meeting, the participants were taken back to the origins of children’s soccer to analyze what the spirit of the game is all about and what is expected of fairness in matches. In the second half of the meeting, the application of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) in the professional environment and its relationship with the spirit of the game was analyzed; also known as «video refereeing», VAR made its world premiere at the last World Cup Russia 2018, and continues to arouse interest for its implications in the practice of the game.

The trainers also shared the meeting with Esteban Cambiasso, ex-soccer player of the Argentine National Soccer Team with great experience in the clubs of his country and Italy’s; he was also accompanied by the World Cup referee and Head of the Referees Commission of the National Association of Professional Soccer of Chile, ANFP, Javier Castrilli; both had the opportunity to share their impressions and their own experience on the subject of VAR.

The conclusions of this first encounter will be used to develop approaches to be analyzed at a second meeting, to be held on November 17, which is expected to produce a collective proposal for the world of soccer.

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