COVID-19- Sebastián Yatra at the Scholas World Youth Cyber Meeting

During the Scholas Youth Cyber Meeting, Sebastián Yatra interacted on screen with more than 150 young people from Mexico, Colombia and Panama.«

Sebastián Yatra talks to the Scholas youths

As part of the virtual meetings for young people that Scholas has been hosting with the blessing of Pope Francis, we were joined by Sebastián Yatra, ambassador of Fundación Scholas Occurrentes.
Over 150 children from different cities around the world were really excited to be in the presence of

Sebastián Yatra, to whom they had the opportunity to ask some questions.
Catalina Posadas, from Colombia, wanted to ask him how he was dealing with the pandemic, to which Yatra replied: “I’ve been able to stop and reflect on the bad and the good for two and a half months, to be grateful and to value every little thing that life has given me […] Sometimes one does not value the little things, and that’s where the greatest joys actually are.”

Likewise, Tzvi Kisel, from Mexico City, wanted to ask him for advice on how to handle the quarantine more lightly. “Keep your mind busy so you don’t drown in negative thoughts […] Take advantage of what you have at home, your family, talk to your family, read, write, use this time to study,” Yatra replied.

Before saying goodbye to the young people, Sebastián Yatra reasserted his commitment to Scholas and encouraged the children to continue meeting each other. They sang the song En guerra [At war], which he had composed for the Foundation, with his guitar, and the rest of the youths who participated greatly thanked him for joining in the event.

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