Covid-19 and Sport: Scholas and Inail «Together we can change the world»

It started the third edition of the social reintegration project of Inail Campania and Scholas Occurrentes in webinar mode «Together we can change the world»

Sport, Art and technology are the guidelines for the third edition of the social reintegration project, aimed at Inail Campania , which started yesterday in webinar mode, entitled «Together we can change the world».

Sport as a vehicle to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, a sense of team and collaboration and at last but not the least the setting of objectives to be achieved.

Art, a tool for personal and collective growth and as a means of developing transferable skills and abilities at the level of social and community interaction.

Technology, as a transversal tool to promote creativity and propose initiatives that generate peace.

The Department of Motor and Wellness Sciences of the University of Naples Parthenope has been involved for this edition. Sport as a nucleus to re-narrate your story.

The first day was attended by the international tennis champion Mara Santangelo, representing the CONI National Athletes Commission, who focused on talent as a self-discovery through the story of her personal experience: “Together we can change the world; for me, who have chosen an individual sport on many occasions I missed this; in being able to share a victory together with my companions, in being able to find comfort in a difficult moment, together with the team».

The start of the day was dedicated to Maestro Ezio Bosso; it was particularly touching, a great example of a man who has never lost his smile and passion for music and beauty.

«The family has grown» these were the words of Claudio De Vivo, the Italian Paralympic champion of 800 and 1000 meters, and one of the protagonists of the Inail Beautiful Stories; he was among the first to have joined and promoted the project among others. In fact the first edition we had 5 members. Today there were about thirty from all the provinces of Campania of different ages and disabilities.

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