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«Pelota de Trapo» [Rag Ball] Contest

Following the call of Pope Francis to promote an education going back to the origin of life, opening us to the unknown and teaching us from astonishment, Scholas runs the «Pelota de
Trapo» [Rag Ball] Contest, an invitation to children and young people from all backgrounds
to tell us a creation story.
In its first year, the means chosen will be photography, and we hope that other modalities and artistic expressions will be adopted in each new contest.

Rag Ball: The Origin

The term «Pelota de Trapo» [Rag Ball] was used in 2019 at an educational meeting in Mozambique between young people from Scholas and Pope Francis. There was a party: poetry, dancing, singing and gifts. «But there was one thing that really touched my heart», the Pope shared. It was a small rag ball given by a young boy from Chicomo as a present: since they don’t have a football, the children of that area play with a rag ball. “When I was young, I played with a rag ball,” Francisco remembered, thus sharing the story of his own origin, and entrusting Scholas with the mission to hold a contest driving the search of each one’s own origin in order to re-create it and spread it among all nations.

Children and young people of any nationality between the ages of 12 and 25 can participate, whether individually or in teams of up to 5 members. They are invited to create a photographic essay consisting of five (5) photographs telling, as a whole, a creation story.

To participate, you must register yourself or your team HERE. You have time to upload your photographic essay until August 31. Remember that, in order to compete, your photos must meet the requirements established in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the contest.

All materials received will be analyzed by a jury composed of photography experts, artists, educators, teachers and young people, who will choose the winning productions.

All photographic essays in competition will be displayed in a travelling exhibition, which will begin in the Vatican City and will tour around several countries, taking your story to thousands of young people around the world.

First, they had to be heard. Young people from countries as diverse as Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Mozambique, Argentina and Portugal met to lay the basis of this contest and shape this adventure. Only by listening to their desires, thoughts and passions, Scholas could run this first year’s «Pelota de Trapo» [Rag Ball] contest, as a call to develop creative and artistic proposals around that ball and what it reminds us.

Rag Ball

The rag ball is the union of memory and desire. The past and the future, making themselves present. Expression.

They are the old, damaged, used rags, each with its own shape, color and story; but they are also the nets, the old fishing nets of an increasingly vain and dreamy fishing, becoming alone and lost in the desert waters.

It is also the union of people, of a human group that devotes its time to gratuity, creating with its own hands the possibility of play, the salvation of the day, since you feed a life with more than bread.

Searching, caring and weaving rags, nets, bodies. Creating another way of inhabiting time, another way of meeting the world and each other.

The rag ball is the union of life and the world. The possibility to recover the origin in order to create another story…

Call: From February 12 to August 31, 2020

Winners and mentions: TO BE DEFINED SOON

For more information on how to participate, visit: TERMS AND CONDITIONS.