If in the first edition the language was photography, in this new one it is music.
But it is not a contest to use. It is a contest in progress … an invitation to put aside for a moment the noise of the pre-established, remain with open attention during the tour and from listening to the world that is presented to us, create music in response. That is, to return to the origin, to the game where we still allow ourselves to be amazed and from where, perhaps, an original music returns.
Can you come with us?

Accept our invitation, enter the course that as a path invites you to deepen and renew your passion for music, from games, experimentation, to retrace the familiar places and give way to creativity.

At the end we will celebrate together what was created in the ‘Rag Ball Festival’, where the jury and young people from the Scholas community will name those pieces that moved them and share them with the whole world.





In this «music» edition, we invite all those passionate about this language, with less or more training, but who have the concern to create music, sounds and express themselves in this way.

Go ahead and sign up! Then we will tell you when the virtual platform on which this edition of Pelota de Rapo will take place will be available, a game space where you will discover everything: signs as a source of inspiration, exercises such as sprouts, and another way to create music!

We will enter a tour for fifteen days, where every 48 hours. you will receive an invitation that sprouts, a slogan causes something to sprout.

This will not be the moment of competition, but of exercise. Exercises that perhaps allow us to create a musical piece with which to compete in another way. Exercises not as the end of a path, but from which to start creating.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone; We will send you, between shoots, inspirational material or «signs» to generate areas of resonance, to enter another atmosphere, and that from another place, something new happens.

It will be time to shape your musical piece, without any slogan other than creating from your freedom; it will be days to decant everything that emerged in you. 15 days. It will be a different time from the intuition from which music springs, but a time to polish, to shape or deform your work.

Throughout these 15 days you or your band may upload a single work, with no requirement of a minimum or maximum duration, and the quality of the recording of the piece will not be taken into account, although it is suggested to do the best possible, to be able to appreciate creation.

Once uploaded, your creation will be heard, along with those of all the participants, by a pre-selection committee and then by a jury, who will evaluate, share and make them public to the Scholas community, to present them on the Day of Celebration.

Nothing better than culminating a great journey than with a great party to which we will all be invited.

In addition to the participants and guests, the juries will be present, those people who took the trouble to listen and recognize the special nature of each work.

It will be the moment to share among all the works that moved us the most and show them to the world, make them listen, the most original educational gesture, so that they return us, to the origin, to that rag ball where it all began.

What’s Up!

Children and young people who participated in the first edition of the contest, capture the meaning that is created when they embark on the path

Rag Ball: The Origin

Rag ball emerged in 2019 at an educational meeting in Mozambique between young people from Scholas and Pope Francis. There was a party: poetry, dancing, singing and gifts. «But there is one thing that touched my heart a lot», the Pope shared: a small ball made of rags given by a young man from Chicomo, with which, in the absence of a soccer ball, the children of that region play since they were young. “When I was a child, I played with a rag ball”, Francisco recalled, thus sharing the story of his own origin, and entrusting Scholas with the mission of launching a contest that would fan that flame by searching for his own origin, to re- create it, and spread it in all nations.

Invitation from Pope Francis to create the Rag Ball Contest

Photography Edition

In the first edition of the contest, last year, in an unprecedented creative process and facing a pandemic, hundreds of children and young people from different parts of the world dared to dream, with the Rag Ball Contest!

Rag Ball Contest Celebration, Photography Edition (2020)

Be Inspired!

Pelota de Trapo, a story of an origin

Join us on this path of creation

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