Christmas concert, an event in support of Scholas and Mission Don Bosco

The Pope thanks the invited artists for their participation in the XXVIII edition of the Christmas Concert at the Vatican


The Pope received to the artists who will participate this year in the Christmas Concert for the benefit of Don Bosco Foundation and Scholas Occurrentes

Organized, as every year, by the Congregation for Catholic Education, the concert will be broadcast on the night of December 24 on Channel 5 for Italy and for the whole world via 
streaming .
The purpose of the concert is to collaborate with the work that Scholas Occurrentes is carrying out for the prevention of suicide in adolescents and for the recovery of the emotional and mental health of those most affected by the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.


On December 24, the 28th edition of the traditional Christmas Concert will be held at the Vatican, which in this difficult year takes on a special look due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Promoted by the Congregation for the

Catholic Education, and with the presence of prominent stars of Italian and international music, will be carried out to benefit the work that Scholas Occurrentes and Mission Don Bosco have been doing this year in the aid of those most affected by the crisis of the COVID-pandemic. 19.

Solidarity project » Together creating networks to transform our future! «

Scholas has worked to alleviate the psychological risks that the pandemic has caused both in young people and in older adults. With the support of important international institutions in the educational field, it has developed a number of global youth cyber gatherings, in which more than 2000 students from more than 60 cities around the world have participated.

Research supported by international experts have thrown that young people increased a 33% level of motivation a 52% their prosocial attitude a 43% intensity of hope , and a significant 68% of joy . They also reported a decrease of the 45% intensity alone a 46% the nervousness and 69% that of sadness .


Covid-19: Emotional impact on young people – Scholas World Cyber ​​Meetings


Promoting social cognition in time of distancing is the greatest global challenge that we face as a society in the multiplicity of social actors that compose it. These encounters showed the enhancement of positive emotions in the boys.

«Teaching in the fragility of the encounter with the other, with the other, and consequently, with oneself, with everything that, due to being different, gives us back the capacity for wonder» has been one of Scholas’ insights regarding the value of emotions in educational processes , a look that today, in times of a pandemic that has exposed the fragility of many of the systems that were believed to be safe, is more than necessary.

Mission Don Bosco, for its part, has been addressing the emergency of COVID-19 with various projects in 55 countries. Its action is carried out through awareness programs, distribution of food and masks, assistance in teaching and reception . Aid has been concentrated in the areas most affected by the pandemic, mainly in Asia and in particular in India, as well as in Latin America, with a focus on Bolivia and Brazil, and in Africa, especially in Burundi.

About the Christmas concert

Christmas Concert this year will be attended by Italian Malika Ayane , Antonino, Arisa , Emma, Roby Facchinetti , Andrea Griminelli, Moreno , Nek, Tosca and Ron , and Renato Zero, along with major international stars Dotan , from Holland; Aida Garifullina , from Russia; Hong-hu Ada from Japan and Amy Macdonald from Scotland). In addition, the concert will be broadcast on Italian public television, and in streaming for the rest of the world.

“This year the somewhat dim lights of Christmas are a reason for prayer and remembrance of the many people who have suffered and are suffering from the pandemic. In this situation we have felt even more strongly the interdependence that unites us all ”, Pope Francis reiterated last Saturday, December 12, during the audience with the promoters, organizers and artists of the Concert. He also stressed that artists are «guardians of the beauty of the world», citing the words of Saint Paul VI in his Message to artists of December 8, 1965.

«Virtual Christmas Race – Run for Charity»


In addition, in such a particular year, to give more and more support to projects, the first edition of the «Virtual Christmas Race – Run for Charity» is born : an event dedicated to sports and solidarity.

This marathon, aimed at anyone who wants to join the cause, will take place from December 19 to 31  and, thanks to the virtual modality, it will allow runners who want to participate through a downloadable App from the Enternow platform , run your favorite routes.

To present this news during the concert they will be with two glories of world sport, the multi-award winning athlete Fiona May  and the world champion soccer player Gianluca Zambrotta , who has also supported the virtual meetings of Scholas Sport during this year.

Finally and within the framework of this common solidarity project «Together we create a network for our future!» and  only valid in Italian territory , you can also contribute through donations by calling the solidarity phone number or by sending a text message to 45530, which is active from now until December 31 of the current year.

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